Sunday, January 11, 2015


Also called the space-time continuum, the four-dimensional continuum, having three spatial coordinates and one temporal coordinate, in which all physical coordinates may be located.

Welcome to Creative Continuum.

My life is shifting radically. I think it's been happening ever since I began teaching, as I have opened myself to the realization that I can do this - but in the past month or so it has picked up speed. 

Then there was last week.

As my local friends know, the gallery I was associated with, Saccarappa, in Westbrook, closed its doors permanently at the end of 2014. 

I was fully aware that the space left by its exit would quickly fill with opportunities. I considered several, including the opportunity to go to ground this winter, quietly and happily working on projects I had put off while painting a new exhibit every six weeks for the last two and a half years. This possibility was particularly attractive!

Then a new opportunity arrived. The storefront in the same building as my studio, 863 Main Street, also vacant since the end of 2014, was presented to me last Monday (Thank you, Andy Curran) for consideration as a teaching and exhibiting space of my own. Then on Wednesday a landlord (Thank you, Chris Grimm) who would be perplexed and embarrassed to be called a radical visionary, but is one anyway, got on board with a very tempting offer. As in, rent I could perhaps actually afford.

The name came to me immediately: Continuum. Creative Continuum, really - so people get an idea from the signage. But Continuum for short. 

So have people also come, eager to partner and brainstorm. I love synergy. 

I want simplicity. What I envision is a room with tables where I can teach all my classes and exhibit and (sometimes!) sell my work and that of my students. Contained in this room is time and space. Time to create. Space to create. Space and time to meet other artists. Some supplies. All of which can be accessed by the community whenever I'm not teaching something there.

I do not intend to work any harder, or any more than I do now, because I am happy in what I am doing: painting and teaching some classes.

What do you need to do art? You need a space and time dedicated to the effort. If you don't have space and time at home, this space will be available to you for work for a fee that I want to be reasonable - maybe $10 per hour. You can arrange to come in whenever there's room - and there will pretty much always be room unless a group is using the space - or you can schedule a time slot which will be yours for the month. And you can renew the slot for as long as you like. We will keep the rent paid and keep going.

If you want to use the room to teach your own class, or to have a party or a meeting, let's talk.

I have to tell you: really funny, not-so-funny, stuff has been happening to me lately. 

One example: yesterday out of the blue a stranger called me. His mother, an artist, had passed away, and he wondered if he could find someone who would be interested in taking her supplies off his hands, and his friend (Thank you, Alice Persons) had given him my name. "It isn't paint or brushes," he explained deprecatingly. "I don't know if you could use it. You see, it's just a lot of easels and lights and things. "

I get tears in my eyes just typing this.

Thank you, angels. You know who you all are.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Painting in Steuben

You know I'm always interested to find new places to paint. Last weekend, I found Steuben! What a gorgeous place, downeast of Acadia. My student, Lucille, was the angel who offered her family camp as a venue for a student retreat (and got a painting in return). And what a retreat! There were seven of us. Friday was gorgeous. Saturday it rained, but we had plenty of room to paint inside at the windows, right on the ocean. Sunday morning the sun broke through.

Words are inadequate. Here are the pictures:

Early on a foggy morning, one artist in Steuben
is already thinking about coffee!

Morning hike in Grand Manan.

Road signs for arriving students.

Psyched to paint!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

More autumn doings...

So, I proofed my 2015 calendar today at Walch Printing. Aaron, the printing liaison, was awesome, gallantly allowing me to mark each and every page for color correction. So happy to be getting my calendar printed locally this year! Those calendars should be out by the end of next week.

Meanwhile, speaking of calendars, please mark yours for the Lincoln Farm Artisans Sale! (You may need to zoom in to read the flyer - I did!) Lovely space, LOTS of art and gift ideas, and free homemade cookies - what's not to like?

Just a quick post today as I fly away - gathering and packing for my upcoming Student Painting Retreat in Steuben, Maine! Photos will be posted!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Autumn: Busy doings...

SO, all summer I don't write a word, because, so I tell myself, I'm just too busy. Then comes autumn - and there is SO much to write about - because ... I'm even busier!!! (Does this strike a chord with you?) Kids are back in school, all the regular meetings and activities that we took a summer break from are now back in gear and revving up. Summer's gone, it's harvest time and garden food needs putting up as we enter the last quarter of 2014. Which means...

My 2015 12 Months in Maine calendar will be coming out soon!

Like last year, the calendar measures 8x8". Even better than last year, they cost only $10 each! (Plus tax where applicable.)

To order just send an email to You can either copy and paste the liink into your email program, or click on the link to my website and the email link at the top of that page. You're welcome to leave a comment here, but sometimes I don't see them, so I don't recommend ordering that way. Anyway, sooner or later I'll need your email address.

After the calendars are printed I'll send you a PayPal invoice, or if you prefer, an address where you can mail your check.

Thanks to all who have ordered my calendars in the past, and who will in the future. You are some of my most important art patrons. I hope they bring a you whole year of colorful enjoyment. 


Friday, September 19, 2014


OK, it was June. And yes, this is September. Busy summer!

One of the joys of my life lately is teaching painting. Last June I got brave and led my first retreat, in a big house I rented on Monhegan. It had to be Monhegan! Artists have been inspired here for over a hundred years.

Several of my students joined me for this adventure, but I came out by myself a day early to get settled into the house. It was a jewel of a day, crystal clear, warm and Monhegan-magical, and I was walking around almost in a daze - couldn't believe my luck, getting to work there all week.

That magic never ran out the whole time we were there.

Over the Top 8x8" acrylic on panel

Sunshine Yellow 6x6" acrylic on panel

Down to the Sea 6x6" acrylic on panel

So, next month (yes, October), several of us will be meeting for another painting retreat in beautiful Steuben, Maine. My son spent Labor Day weekend with a friend in Steuben. I'd never been there, but when I saw the photos I knew I wanted to go. Then, as I was arranging my next student retreat, I lucked out again - one of my students offered her family camp in Steuben as a venue!

I will not wait until the dead of winter to post photos. ;-)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Run Away!

It may not be considered honorable to cry "Retreat!," but retreating is something I happily do now and then. Art isn't all advancing, anymore than breathing is all exhaling. Sometimes you need to breathe in, and that's what a good retreat is for.

I attended a very good retreat last weekend, at Pemaquid Point with the Pastel Painters of Maine, a lovely group of artists who graciously allowed me admittance despite my proclivity for painting in acrylic instead of pastel.

Here we are at the Hotel Pemaquid - that's me boldly claiming the foreground!

In a couple of weeks, I'll be leading a retreat to Monhegan! 

- where the siren's call to artists is so strong that people have been coming there to paint for well over a hundred years!

Many, but not all, of those who will be joining me are my students. 
If you're interested, you can find information here.
There are two sessions, June 22-24 and June 25-27. 
The first session is just about full, and the second, as of right now, has space for two or three more people.

Last night at the opening of the current Saccarappa Art Collective exhibit, I was involved in a conversation about retreats, when I distinctly heard myself say, "I'd like to lead a retreat every month." And that spirit under my breastbone which occasionally makes it wisdom known clearly rejoined, "Why don't you?"

What do you think?

Art is Faith

Can I get an amen?